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We are dedicated lawyers. All-round experts in our professional fields: employment, commerce, employee participation and mediation. We are particularly passionate about health care and commercial management. We provide legal services to institutions and private individuals. We enjoy litigating, but only when necessary. We act quickly and efficiently: at an honest price with both feet firmly on the ground.

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Martijn de Birk
020 240 2441

Berry van Drunen

Martijn de Birk

Martijn is both lawyer and mediator. He combines a solid legal understanding with a practical approach. Martijn thinks in terms of interests and solutions, based on the firm conviction that the benefits of good advice at the start outweigh those of endless proceedings.

Being the advisor of hospitals, nursing organizations and specialist treatment centres, Martijn knows his way around the health care sector. He advises HR-departments, looks after reorganizations and supports within the triangle medical specialist, medical industries and hospitals. Martijn assists employees, directors and other professionals. His work also contains drafting several types of agreements and general terms and conditions.

Before starting his own law firm in 2011, Martijn spent a long time working for international law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. When he left, he took with him this experience but not their tariffs.

Martijn is a member to the specialist associations Dutch Employment Lawyers Association and Amsterdam Employment Lawyers Association.

Berry van Drunen

Berry is both lawyer and mediator. He is looking for long term solutions and knows how to get stagnated cases back on track. Berry looks further than legal issues only and finds creative solutions to complex problems.

In his relations with clients, Berry is a partner in business. The health care sector is home territory for him, with his background in health law. Berry is often teacher for several training institutes. He combines his passion for sports with his legal practice. Berry is active within the KNVB (the Royal Dutch Football Association) and advisor to various sport organizations.

Before starting his own law firm in 2011, Berry worked as a lawyer for international law firms De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek and Van Doorne. His specializations were employment law and health law.

Berry is a member to the scientific Association for Health Law and the Association for Sport and Law.

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